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Letter to Alvah Bush, Albany New York, from her sister, M. M. Bush, Cooperstown, New York 1843

Cooperstown Oct 11th 1843.

My dear Annah,

Your’s of the 3d inst reached me by due course of mail, and I assure you I read its interesting contents with a great deal of pleasure – I intended to have answered it sooner but I have been prevented by one thing or another until to-day. I am quite alone, Mother having left us this morning for Utica, and Kate gas not yet returned from Butternuts — I have been looking for the latter every day, and shall feel very much disappointed if she does not come to night — She did not intend to be absent more than a week when she left home, and she has already protracted her visit to more than a fortnight –

I am rejoiced to hear that you are passing your time so pleasantly – Your stay at the River must have been very agreable from your account of it – I suppose you will have reached Albany by this time therefore I conclude it will be the safest place to direct my letter there – I feel anxious to know of your plans and arrangements and hope it will be in my power to arrange mine accordingly – I received a very kind letter from Mrs Strong last week urging me to pass the winter with her which I shall be very happy to do – I feel very grateful for her kindness, which was unexpected — I think it will be more pleasant for me there, than if I were to remain here, through the Winter, as the past seasons have been so sickly here that every one has a dread of a Cooperstown Winter, and another thing I would much prefer being one of a small quiet family in my present state of feelings, to staying where there is much noise and confusion – I have not yet replied to Mrs Strong’s letter, and deferred doing so until now, in the hope of fixing upon some definite time when I should be able to be with her – I put off my Utica visit until Winter, with the intention of remaining here, but since I have altered my plans it will be necessary for me to go to U, this Fall. And my greatest fear is that I shall be prevented from seeing you by the means – Mother is coming as far as Herkimer the last of next week and Father says he will take me up there then, and bring her home – In that case I shall remain at Herkimer a day or two, and then take the cars for Utica and how long I shall stay there depends upon the time fixed for your return – Joseph has promised us a visit and I intend to endeavor to prevail upon him to come up for me next month which I hope he will be charitable enough to do –

I feel very grateful to you for your kindness in offering to make any purchases for me in New York – I shall not be obliged to trouble you, as I have purchased a shawl here and have concluded to try to dispense with a cloak this Winter– I may possibly have my old one colored which I shall get along with, as my shawl is very large and warm – I hesitated some time about getting the shawl as it is a higher price than I felt willing to pay, but I was afraid it would cause you a great deal of trouble and anxiety to select one for me, as I could not give you any very special directions, and black shawls are said to be very rare – Under all these circumstances, I thought I might better pay a little more, and get it here, than make you so much unnecessary trouble, – And another thing I needed it so much that I could not wait until your return, as I had nothing fit to wear in the street —

I intended to tax you to get some shoes and mits, which I shall need in Binghamton, but I think I can procure them in Utica – I want you to write me what Alvah and yourself think of my going to Binghamton, and let me know if possible when you will return, and if there is any probability of your coming while I am at Utica, would you not be willing to return that way?

I forgot to tell you that I paid $8 for my shawl which I suppose you will think very extravagant – It is cassimere, two yards square with a handsome heavy fringe and is very warm – I looked at it a long time before I could make up my mind to take it, but I thought it would do to wear very often instead of a cloak and thus save me the necessity of getting a new one – And then I was thinking of getting a muff which I have since concluded is more than I can stand – Wednesday Eveg – Cate returned about 3 o’clock in the stage – She says she had a delightful visit and enjoyed it very much – She desires much love to you, and says she will write you very soon —

I received a long letter from Joseph last week, giving an account of the wedding and the conflagration which are two very important events in Bainbridge – It will be but a little while before I shall see them all again, and I assure you I look forward to it with a great deal of pleasure – I shall spend a week or two there on my way to Binghamton — Mrs Sumer returned from Boston, Saturday, and left with her family for Cleveland this morning – Miss Stowel is very well – They were very much taken with you – Love to Alvah and yourself from your affectionate Sister M. M. B.

(written in left margin and top of first page)

Dear Annah, I shall look anxiously for a letter from you, and hope you will write as soon as you receive this – I am anticipating a great deal of pleasure in going to New York under the protection of your good Husband and with your agreable company & hope I may not be disappointed I shall be ready to go next week & am desirous of being in the city, while there is a prospect of pleasant weather as our autumn rains will soon set in

(written in left margin of second page)

I had a delightful time at Butternuts, and will tell you all about it when we meet – I am, expecting Mr & Mrs Car—k – here to morrow night on their return from Philadelphia –

(written in left margin and top of third page)

I feel sad enough at the idea of Martha’s leaving me this long dull Winter, but I know it will be so much for her happiness that I allow myself to murmer as little as possible – Yours aff Catharine

(written in bottom, top and left margin of cover page)

Thursday evening – I was interrupted last evening while writing you, by a call from Mr Fenno and Mrs Tudor of Boston, and in consequence I was too late for the mail – Kate wishes me to ask you when you intend going to New York – She is anxious to go next week, and if you go so soon she would be glad to accompany you. She would be willing to go on to Albany alone, if she could have your society down the river – I hope you will be able to go as soon as some day in the course of next week, as we would all like to have her go under Alvah’s protection — Write me of your plans immediately if you please — I am expecting Mrs Juliano every day on her return home, and anticipating much pleasure in seeing her again – Kate had a pleasant time at B. Mr Master’s and Fanny’s engagement, is announced – I am housekeeper with a miserable new girl and find my hands full of business – I shall look impatiently for a letter from you — Kate has gone out this evening – If She were here she would probably have same message for you – My best love to A. C. and a large share for your own dear self –

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Letter addressed to A. C. "Alvah" Bush, Esq., “(P. M. Tioga PO)”, Albany, New York, from her sister, M. M. Bush, Cooperstown, New York, October 11, 1843 -- From the Phillip F. Schlee Collection, Manhattan, Kansas



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