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World War I letters to Edward Early from Jessica Agnes O'Keefe Early

Dearest - Don't expect me to write any more I'm in the air! Your letters (written Sun & Mon.) with check came today - & I've been so happy since there's no living with me. I'm getting ready & you look for a tiny apt. bachelor if possible - (that means Murphy beds & no beedroom - just kitchenette & bath but you can do best you can now & if it doesn't suit we can look together! Don't know yet when I can come but won't waste any time. Mother wants me to say Nov.! Imagine! Just as soon as you can get a place for us! Loads of love & thanks for money.

: It makes you feel like a regular soldier to be officer of day, doesn't it? Have you lost any? Lvs, I mean. I think you're enjoying Aberdeen - I'm awfully glad of it. You'll see a diff. in Carroll. It seems to me he gets dearer everyday - if that's possible - he looks like a picture baby walking around.

I had a big letter from Pauline Sat. & she's coming to Wash.! Hasn't heard from her exam but expects to the last of July & is hoping I'll not be in Aberdeen. She asks lots of ques. about expenses & if she can live on 100 a mo. We'll have quite a colony here from Wis. won't we. When your check comes why don't you send it back to Amer. National & send me a check on that back & I'll deposit it at Park Savings. I was foolish enough Sat. when I saw I was out ahead to buy some drygoods, etc. that I could have waited til my check came & not run out of funds. Forgot there might be a delay on account of your moving. So I'm "flat" now. Your Sat. letter was lost off of bus & a private J.E. Aster found & mailed it so if you know him thank him for it.

Mrs. Herrius going out & I'll have her mail this for me - Loads & loads of love til Thurs.

: Washington, D.C.
August 1918

Dearest Ed. - in Rome!! And its wonderful to be back with my Betty Jane and Carroll - I can't wait till you get back Friday or Saturday to see your family! She certainly looks like a little doll dressed up in her pretty clothes today. All the Whilteys and Lieut. Dougherty were in to admire her. Hazel came after me - and some lovely pink roses came for Betty Jane just before I left which I suspect came from her nice daddy and she was so happy to get them. I undressed her and gave her her din din at 7:00 - and she hasn't peeped all eve - awfully good. And Carroll is so dear and kissed the pretty baby - he touches her so tenderly - we're going to have lots of fun together.

Warron is going to mail this so is hurrying me. I dried this with his black sweater - a big kiss - (not from her)

Loads of love from Wed eve - Your devoted Jessica
Letter of about July 15, 1918 from Jessica in Washington, D.C. to her husband
: I don't know why I'm so tired to-night. I ache. Think I will go to bed when I mail this little love note. I'll write a better letter next time. This is just a little hello for my brain refuses to work & spose tomorrow I'll think of a log things I might have told you.

I'm so glad you're in so much good company there - you'll enjoy it - Do write me lots - & I'll do better in the future. Loads & loads of love from Wiffie and Carroll.
Letter of about July 15, 1918 Washington,DC, from Jessica to her husband
- was afraid war would be coming along before I got a letter to her and she'd go to Miss Siniourou that old pupil who invited her. I can't give her a very thrilling time till after the 10th of Aug. (That's when I get up!) but she can make headquarters here for awhile. Carroll is walking in that same excited way and I keep him at it so he'll gain confidence that's all he needs - he says - "da da's all gone." Don't you miss him!

We sure miss you daddy
Letter to Edward J. Early, World War I
Dearest - your nice letter today saying you'd just got three letters from me surprised me - they were written three consecutive days. Why are they so held up?

I'm afraid to leave sweetie till I hear you have found a place for us - a hotel would be pretty expensive business & we could't leave the baby nights to look. I had to buy a new trunk the one's in basement were falling to pieces & your steamer was too small. Got a nice bargain for 11.32 holds our all. Am taking some linen and silver that's all. I just can't wait to get there. I'd have to travel on sure to get there for my birthday and havn't my ticket yet so it will be Wed. or Thurs I guess. Will wire you from Chicago when I leave there - so don't fail to meet me. If you're not at train, I'll go to Wormana waiting room -suppose there is one in that depot. I'll wait till you come. If I knew where we'd be I'd send on carriage now. Hope you have good luck in finding something for us in small apartment.

Had a letter from Sara today saying they had a little daughter Mary Jane - born in Burlington Sept. 12.

Goodnight dear heart hope to hear soon that you have something & will start right on when you do.

Loads of love
... space you started in school yet. What if your all day remembering your math. As you say if others can so can you if you make up your mind you're going to. It's nice that it's so cool - it makes work easier. I missed you so Sun. Will sure be glad to see you this week. Each day I do some big extra towards my party. Just got at closet & stored my everything the mereuet using coats & suits of yours & jruice & shelves & books are clear now for the girls. Even your beautenors look chest where the mice gather is done in white artcloth. I'm going to have some money left this mo. I guess - have about $9 left & only 4 or 5 days more - can get that box with extra money but won't till end of mo. Haven't had a letter from Weavers for age & she owes me two. Guess I've told you all the news. As you say you can tell pretty well what we're doing all day!

Hope I hear from you love or soon & that you'll forgive my poorness at writing but I'm going to do better by writing in a.m.

Loads of love from Carroll, Betty & Jessica.

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Submitter: John Early Andrews E- mail: jandrewsfam@juno.com

Notes: These are letters to her husband written during World War I by Jessica Agnes O'Keefe, born October 9, 1885 in Oconto Wisconsin, daughter of Dr. Patrick J. O'Keefe and Elizabeth Hoeffel.



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